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This is an extraordinary opportunity to learn the trading skills you need for long term success, direct from the leading trading professionals.
We are pleased to say that many people who have attended our workshops have gone on to be professional Forex traders who use trading to provide their main source of income.

  • We reveal core concepts underlining price movement
  • We explain where most traders fail, and how to avoid common pitfalls
  • We show how professional FX traders make money every day
  • Learn to build wealth and trading account through accumulative trading strategies
  • 3 pillars of successful trading: Strategy, Psychology and Risk Management
  • Put the odds in your favour every time you trade

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We welcome you to attend our free popular and informative FX Trading Masterclasses. You will learn the core concepts of trading the financial markets and skills required to master forex trading. Regardless if you are new to trading or tried and failed, those who attend our highly rated workshops will leave with valuable Forex trading secrets.

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A simpler way to trade Forex

ProFX offers an innovative and unique Trading platform that gives users access to built-in proprietary trading algorithms. The platform is carefully designed to take the complexity out of the trading process, by providing users the power to make informed trading decisions. Seamlessly place trades to a regulated FX broker using the Pro FX Algo Trading Platform.

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If there is one thing we want to show you in our workshop, it’s that trading doesn’t have to be difficult. Step up and register for FREE today.