Who Are We?

Pro FX Options is a leading trader education provider founded in 2014 with offices in London City. The core team are professional traders, experienced algorithmic system developers and educators with over 30 years of combined trading experience in Futures, Bonds, Commodities and Foreign Exchange.

  • Provide Group Learning, one-to-one Coaching and Mentorship with global reach
  • Provide up to £100k trading capital for our mentorship students
  • Hosted hundreds of Trading Workshops, Seminars, Courses and Webinars
  • Developed Intuitive user friendly Algo Trading Platform
  • Built and designed cutting-edge Proprietary Trading Algorithms for professional traders, funds and private investors
  • Educated over 5,000 students worldwide
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Our Traders take a holistic approach to trading. Whilst most trading educators focus only on strategy we focus on the 3 Pillars to Trading Success: Strategy, Risk Management and a Winning Mindset.

Even with the best trading strategy novice traders usually use poor risk management and often lose 95% of their capital within the first year. It seems these traders look for tips, broker recommendations or trading robots as a way to justify buying or selling. These do not work consistently in the long term. Success in trading requires study, practice, self-reflection and discipline. This is why we go beyond the strategy and work closely with you to cultivate the right mindset for trading. Without this guidance trading can turn into one of the most frustrating experiences you will ever face.

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Why do we Teach Trading?

Pro FX Options educators are motivated by one idea: bring the techniques used by City Traders and teach them to the public. We help transform anyone with Zero Knowledge of the Financial Markets to become consistent . Pro FX goal is to provide each of their students with our unique Trading tools, Mentorship and Trading Capital to help Individuals achieve trading consistency.
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