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Our exclusive Algo Trading Platform provides powerful trading setups

Streamline your trading career by attending our immersive masterclasses and gain access to the most powerful trading tools.

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Use our capital to trade

Your path to a funded trader account starts here

Start with our FX Masterclass

Our workshops give you the first steps to becoming a Professional Trader

From Zero Trading knowledge to consistent trading, we turn you into a skilled Forex Trader. We give you the Strategy, Risk Management and Psychology to achieve consistent trading or results

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One-to-One Coaching

Personalised Coaching on our London Trading Floor

Have your own Expert trader guide you on a one-to-one basis either on our London Trading Floor or through online sessions, with a unique trading plan, indepth trading analysis and precise risk management techniques to ensure the highest level of trading performance.

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Funded Trading Account

Masterclasses that give you the insights on Pro FX trading methods

This is an extraordinary opportunity to learn the trading skills you need for long term success, direct from the leading trading professionals. We believe we can build successful traders from our tried and tested methods and we will even risk our own capital for those dedicated to making trading their career.

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The 3 Pillars to SUCCESSFUL Trading

Even the best strategy without the right mindset and risk management is doomed to fail. We teach the crucial aspects that other trading educators ignore, which is why so many of our students enjoy consistent trading for the long term.

Algo Strategy

The key to consistent trading is having a rule based and scalable approach to foreign exchange trading. We provide our Alpha focused proprietary trading software that can be mastered quickly.

Risk Management

Strict risk management is at the core of our philosophy. With years of trading experience we incorporate the best in class risk models in our trading strategies.

Winning Mindset

Discipline and commitment to the trading process is essential to achieving your trading goals. We mentor our traders to actively manage their emotions and maintain confidence in applying our trading strategies and risk management.

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