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Anil has over 18 years’ experience trading forex, bonds and commodities for the world’s leading trading firms. He has developed algorithms for a variety of hedge funds, investment firms and private investors. He has trained some of the best traders in the world. Anil now runs his own highly successful trading firm.

Aside from expertise in short term price movement, his strengths include understanding of trading psychology as well as developing mathematical models. Through his renowned proprietary trading firm, Algo Systems Ltd., Anil is responsible for designed some of the most advanced and consistent algorithms available. Enjoying the financial rewards that his trading firm brings, Anil indulges in his other passion: teaching others to trade. As well as running Pro FX Options workshops, he mentors students and speaks at a number of international events and seminars.

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Oxana is former executive with a FTSE 100 firm. Despite having a high-flying professional career, she soon realised it would never provide the lifestyle she aspired to. She decided to forsake the respectability of the corporate world and pursue a more lucrative career path.

Oxana started trading currencies 6 years ago with a small account. With the help of a mentor from a hedge fund, she has multiplied that account several times over. She now enjoys financial independence and a healthy work/life balance. Now able to pursue her passions, Oxana has used trading as a vehicle to achieve the kind of lifestyle she always wanted.

Aside from a sharp and analytical mind, Oxana’s main strength is her deep insight into the psychology of trading. A lifelong student of the markets, Oxana has unique insight into the emotional and psychological pitfalls that most traders encounter. She shares her expertise with beginners to develop an objective, calm and rational approach to trading, and indeed to life in general. Knowing how much her trading mentor helped her, she coaches others achieve the kind of life she now enjoys.

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Arran first started trading the markets at a young age. He started with currencies and equity index futures, namely the Euro Stoxx 50 and S&P 500 futures.

Having traded various different timeframes, including high frequency trading, (holding for just milliseconds) and swing trading, Arran has a unique insight into different strategies across a range of asset classes.

Arran applied this knowledge to binary options, and soon found that this trading vehicle proved to be a more consistent way to book profits. Realising the benefits of predetermined risk, fast returns and a flexible trading schedule, he switched to trading binary options full time. He now trades for the London forex trading firm, Algo Systems Ltd.

Having traded whilst studying for a degree in international Business, he was able to fund his degree course. He therefore understands the value of trading – that it allows financial freedom to achieve the lifestyle we want. As a mentor, he has taught several people to successfully trade binary options. He firmly believes that trading can be learnt by anyone if they approach it with commitment and discipline.

Arran places great importance on the psychology of trading. Knowing that mind-set is a powerful weapon in the trader’s arsenal, he dedicates time each day to focus on achieving the right frame of mind before he starts to trade. With a successful record of teaching others how to trade binary options, he enjoys sharing his knowledge to help others make money from trading.

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