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Who Are We?

Pro FX Options is the trading education service for Forex. Based in the heart of the City of London, we have a track record of teaching students to successfully day trade currencies. We are proud to say that we have helped many of our students achieve their aim of securing financial independence.

What makes us unique is that our trading education services grew out of Algo Systems, a successful London based prop firm. We are successful Traders first and foremost, which allows us to deliver workshops and courses based on the same strategies that we use to trade. Everything we teach our students is used by our prop Traders every day to make money.

Set up by experienced Traders who have been trading Currencies, Bonds and Commodities for over 25 years, Pro FX Options provides trading insight that no other trading education service can offer. Having traded for a variety of leading institutions, and having developed highly consistent algorithms, the Traders at Pro FX Options are able to give students the ability to trade like the professionals.

Our Approach

At Pro FX Options we are motivated by one idea: bring the techniques used by City Traders and teach them to the public. Financial institutions have a huge knowledge advantage over the public. We seek to fill this knowledge gap between “the big boys” and the Retail Trader. Come to us, and we will put the odds in your favour.

It is this idea that underpins everything we stand for. We cut out the gimmicks and superfluous information. We teach you how professionals trade at Hedge Funds, Prop Firms and Investment Banks. We make you see what they see and we remove the shroud of secrecy. No other trading education service can do this.

In the world of trading education, it is extremely difficult for Traders to separate the real Traders from those simply selling a service. We invite you to attend our Free Workshops and to see how we trade in person. Then you will trade for yourself, under our expert guidance.

Cultivating the Right Mind-set for Trading- The 3 Pillars

Our Traders take a holistic approach to trading. Whilst most trading educators focus only on strategy. Pro FX Options focus on the 3 Pillars to Trading Success: Strategy, Risk Management and Psychology. These elements are lacking in most other trading education programs, which is why 95% of Traders fail. After 25 years in the business, we know that if one of these pillars is missing, you will not make money trading. Success in trading requires study, practice, self-reflection and discipline. This is why we go beyond the strategy and work closely with you to find the right mind-set.

Why do we Teach Trading?

We offer trading education because we love it. We are Traders and lifelong students of the market and as such, we love teaching others how to trade. Our goal is to give each of our students the tools to change their lives for the better. For us, trading is not an end goal in itself, but rather a vehicle for achieving the lifestyle we want. Trading, if approached in the right way, can provide this positive change.

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